Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

What Is Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a way to outline and prepare yourself for your life and finances after you are no longer working or as most people say “in retirement” The process of retirement planning comes with making the decisions of your retirement income goals and the actions or choices that may be necessary to get to those retirement goals. Retirement planning helps you to identify your true sources of income, estimate your present and future expenses, evaluate and manage your assets, and implement a savings plan. Retirement planning can also help you to look at your future cash flow and further determine if your retirement goals can be attained. Since most people would like to retire comfortably, taking the time to come up with a successful retirement plan can make this process much less stressful later on. Ultimately, your goal of retirement planning is to achieve your financial independence in your retirement years.

Retirement planning isn’t just about investing your money wisely, there are a few more elements to take into consideration. True retirement planning with United Retirement Advisors Group is also about mapping out your finances in order to know exactly how much financial assets you have, where it is coming from, and how you will provide income for yourself once you are in retirement. Many times issues such as social security, pensions, current and potentially rising taxes, longevity, required minimum distributions, sequences of distribution, and long term care options are not taken into consideration and therefore causing your retirement to fail unexpectedly. At United Retirement Advisors Group, we address all potential issues that could come up and help you to produce a comprehensive retirement plan by creating your own personal Retirement Planning Roadmap.

Who Needs A Retirement Plan

Anyone who is looking for help with their retirement planning needs is more than welcome to schedule a direct appointment with one of our qualified representatives at United Retirement Advisors Group. A one-on-one personal consultation is done at no cost to you and carries no obligation to work with United Retirement Advisors Group Additionally, there are no age or wealth requirements to getting a consultation with United Retirement Advisors Group, we just want to assist you with addressing your potential retirement needs. There are many financial tools available to United Retirement Advisors Group in helping to make your retirement strategies succeed. By taking the time to educate you, United Retirement Advisors Group wants to ensure that you understand the concepts to making informed purchase decisions based on your needs as opposed to being told what to buy by an advisor or investor. If you would like to get started with building your personal Retirement Roadmap for free, please contact United Retirement Advisors Group to schedule your no obligation consultation.

Many of United Retirement Advisors Group client relationships begin with education. Not only do we need to learn what strategies do or do not work in today’s financial arena, but it is also imperative that we understand how and why they work and only then is it possible to implement a plan that gives you a truly comfortable retirement plan. United Retirement Advisors Group is continuously offering The Changing World of Retirement Planning workshops with this concept in mind. Our workshops are a extremely popular, no obligation way to begin your retirement education. At the end of the workshop, you will have the option of working with United Retirement Advisors Group to develop your own Retirement Roadmap with many of the concepts that you have learned. Workshops typically consist of two (2), three (3) hour sessions that cover seven core areas of retirement planning in the ever changing financial world.

Retirement Planning Roadmap

A Retirement Planning Roadmap coordinates all possible assets, payments, and pensions with special attention to the effect taxes and the potential of rising taxes will have on the overall picture of your retirement. Using the latest state-of-the-art software, United Retirement Advisors Group embraces the technology to provide a robust retirement plan not just a typical buy and hold or MPT designed portfolio. Every Retirement Planning Roadmap contains a detailed forecast of exactly how your retirement will be funded on a yearly basis based on your assets. The Retirement Planning Roadmap will also include a side by side comparison between a current plan, a current retirement plan in a rising tax rate environment, and how a plan will perform once the necessary steps are taken to provide yourself with the optimal amount of wealth.

Ultimately, your retirement plan should be all about you, your goals and objectives, and your confidence in a plan to help make your comfortable retirement a reality. Contact United Retirement Advisor Group to see how we can help you get on the right Retirement Planning Roadmap for your future.